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Why will Microsoft lose to Google

I liked the writeup because it spoke about two oldest things that have existed since mankind. For success you will need speed and friends

Charlie goes on further:

So, Microsoft is spending billions of dollars to fight off Google this coming year, and it is all for naught. The two things it needs, speed and friends, can't be bought. You can't throw engineers at a project and make it go faster. You can't throw the football team at a high school computer club and make friends.

Without both speed and friends, you can't get a foothold in this new market. Microsoft has neither now, and only a small chance of hitting the speed goal. Two and a half years ago, I said it lost it, and it was a slow downhill from there. Now, it is game over. There is no remedy, they made their own bed and to mix metaphors, the chickens have come home to roost in it. It is time for a new maximum leader

Read on...

I think very important thing. Today it is just about anybodys game to bash up M$ for no reason. Even at training centers it is clear to see the MS trainers sulking or bragging about things or taking a poke at their Java or other colleagues.

Talk about programming languages if people aren't talking about Java, then they want to program in AJAX or Ruby or Python. I don't see active programmers doing any work in ASP.NET. Sure existing client base you need to support. But the whole Mashup is going to mess up the traditional developer/programmer's life. Who would need a programmer if a sysadmin (with some decent scripting and development skills) will spring up with a solution?

So is Microsoft dead in the water? Well it certainly has to understand , given the changes in the social networking, how today every single individual matters. It is not going to be easy to buy out everyone. Those days are gone. It may be time to start fighting a losing battle. It won't just disappear. Its just not being the darling anymore.

Today bigger companies like Oracle, IBM are toying with the idea of buying Linux. They better make their minds fast because Linux will take things by storm. It is already getting into all our little cool appliances (via embedded engineering).


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