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Its all about passion: Round 1

Anything you do around your life, be it work or private is dead and dull if you don't have the passion. If you don't breathe fire you're not hot. No way Lady, you aint hot! Many of us remain and will continue to remain passive players. Receivers. Commentators. Just the dorks on the sidelines. Well if that is what you choose, we ssssslong sucker!

Why do you think a programmer (who really rocks) feels like a king? Why do you think a sysadmin rock? Well its because they do something more than just mundane things like maintaining/subverting code or monitoring OSs like janitors. They do something really cool. Really breakthrough.

I was reading an oldish article at HBR and saw a great article on "Change Management and Change Agents". A regular change management has a great potential to suck and die. Eventually its the fastest way to lose clients. We'll talk about that tomorrow (when I'm done collecting thought).

Today its about passion. I saw and caught my 4 year old on tape singing the Last Song from Foo Fighters. I was thrilled. Thrilled because he wants to play the guitar and sing already! [Sorry couldn't help it, I'm just a proud dad :-)]

So its about thrills. Its about that flight! Its about the kicks. Its just about everything but sulking back in your seat and squinting your nose.

Well check out what Wendy's passion is. Amazing collection this. Kris talks about the art of being passionate. And Kathy can just not stop talking about it.

Anything in your life. Be it music, gym, sports, games, computers, work just about anything. Bung some life into it. Go ahead and get liberated (Not just because its 5th May).

Take care



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