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Diane Greene starts her blog at VMTN!

I'd actually love to hear her talk (as in podcasts) but I'm rather content with her blogging at VMTN.

In the midst of mad rush towards Virtualization and where everyone is setting and freeing their software (no matter its junk or means absolutely nothing). Anyways each to his own. but still one HUGE HUGE issue is being forgotten. The customer is getting smarter by the day. I think Diane raises some very crucial issues in her first post.

Benchmarks. There are starting to be multiple offerings for virtualization and the customer needs a way to evaluate the performance of the different offerings on apples to apples basis. There should be a benchmark that can show the performance in real-world relevant ways and also in a way that requires as inexpensive a setup as possible.

Yes, I want benchmarks. I'm not going to risk my business on anything. I want a solid product!

I think I will talk a bit about "Why cook a solid virtualization product?" soon. I love to do the impromptu talk.

So if you're (as a virtualization vendor) asking yourself questions like...
  • -- Serious question to be asked daily, a healthy sign

  • --Cluelessness (Some sign of hope for the team)

  • -- "Relentless Inquisitor's" vain attempts to stop the charging bull from dashing against the wall. Keep him in your shop if you want to survive. He could be your last hope!

  • Well...(Because they're smarting up real fast!)-- Disbelief

  • --Despair and Anger
(I did manage to talk quickly about it) Well listen to what I have to say then on "Why cook a solid virtualization product?"


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