Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Are you a true Versatilist?

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Aristotle, Plato and the likes were true versatilists. But those were the good old days. They had all the time in the world.

And then we have you. A regular IT Joe/Jane. A true specialist and even proudly touting as a generalist. But is it enough for you to stay afloat? Enough for you to keep your job? Enough for you to advice your kids to take up a Sysadmin job as a profession?

Answer = NO!

How are you going to cope with the ever changing scenario and at the same time stay competitive. Its hard to stay motivated with the rapid globalisation, massive outsourcing, new technologies sweeping you off your feet and constantly feeling like a lost zombie when suddenly being exposed to some 17 year old who has done a lot of work like yours just for fun!!!

Anyways this part 1 we will try to

  • Talk about what a versatilist is like?
  • See how to embrace it
  • Getting our feet wet while taking a shot at it.
And part 2 we try to...
  • Get some hands on advice on how to eventually become one
  • Raise some key questions about this development

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