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Your body is a temple!

And it's your temple! I've been back on pumping iron for the last 5 weeks and it really feels great.

We spend so much of our time on all kinds of things. Well then you can sure spend some time on your body. I remember back in 95 I had a great book (which I ordered again at Amazon) of Schwarzenegger. Great book this...

This book has always been on my side. Arnold , in fact, was himself inspired by Steve Reeves. Remember the guy who played in Hercules? Check out his site This man has been a source of inspiration to a lot of people!

Anyways as I was saying, it's your body. You can either spend all your time sitting behind your desk/computer or you can choose to just go to the gym and sweat it out!

I will post more of my pics and also the one's that I'll take from now on. I'm growing slowly but steadily. I did have some issues with my right arm biceps and a bit on the right deltoid but it's all settling ok. Great thing is I'm suddenly remembering all the things I did in the past (and would want to only improve on them).

  • I'm NOT eating any of the fatty stuff.
  • I take no more than two cups of coffee a day (Otherwise it's tea or water).
  • I'm eating several times a day (instead of 3 large meals a day)
  • I do give myself a break in the weekends.
  • I follow a six-weekly routine. Every six weeks I change my muscle groups.
  • I drink enough water now
  • I drink my mix(well's the good ol' Arnold's recommended lemon water + honey shake) during my work-out.
I'm just thrilled like I was when I first ever picked up weights.


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