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MIT Boston: Tech sector lures tech-savvy MBA grads

Diane Greene, VMware chief executive, herself a Massachusetts Institute of Technology graduate, greeted the visitors milling over tofu kabobs and Oregon red wine. "We would love to have you guys talk to us about joining the company," Greene said. "We're a meritocracy. If you're talented, you'll move up very quickly."

The next morning, the group toured Google Inc.'s quirky Googleplex in Mountain View, where eight newly minted MBAs from Sloan's class of 2007 are working. After marveling at tent-like meeting rooms called "yurts," and "nap pods" where Googlers can snooze in noise-muffling chambers, the students were assured by Claire Callaghan, a Google recruiting coordinator, "There should be a microkitchen no more than 100 feet away from every workstation at Google."

Help wanted. That was the message to the Silicon Valley Tech Trek, an expedition by Sloan's graduate business students searching for jobs or internships at the nation's most dynamic companies. But their January hunt took place 3,000 miles away from Sloan's campus on the Charles River. The students were seeking their fortune not in Kendall Square or the Route 128 beltway, which have long staked their claims as American high-tech hubs, but in California's Bay Area.

VMware, Google were obviously the ones who are drawing crowds lately. reporting


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