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Virtualization: An august month it has been!

It has been a helluva month for all of us at the virtualization market space. So what all happened?

  • VMware's IPO: A great time to show that despite killing (mortgage drama, which still prevails) market, a great intuitive technology can really make a lot of difference. It also showed, not that we didn't know about it, that all the dollars and euros are beginning to flow. Companies are investing heavily into new infrastructure development, strategies to conquer the markets, more job offerings etc. Actually in a way it has been a great month for us all. Seeing virtualization getting some recognition is what we're talking about! All the dedicated bloggers around virtualization have been saying it, not only on blogs but in every possible way, loud: "adopt now!"
  • Citrix buys XenSource: I must tell you that this has been a great deal for XenSource folks, Citrix, on the other hand, still needs to find a way to milk this cow. We still need to see how the markets are reacting to this acquisition. I do have a story to tell ab out a reseller, who prefers to stay anonymous, about some perturbing things and thoughts in the resellers world. My "source" will reveal more details on it soon. But ok, besides all the unhappy folks we must admit that "not-going-after-windows" strategy is a bit naive, look at VMware, everything is a GUI and everything works for all the windoz boys just fine. Managers do not have to deal with the frustration of a windows admin when making choices of revamping their infrastructure and adding a "platform" that needs some "linux skills".
  • Virtualization Startups: These folks have been around for quite some time themselves but have been unjustly denied the visibility that they needed so bad. I am glad that all these folks to get to share some limelight. firms like InovaWare and Marathon technologies have some really great stuff going on.
  • Desktop Virtualization: The entrance of a "market-buster" like Pano Logic, led by ex-XenSource exec, has suddenly made the desktop virtualization market, the "new niche" to start developing applications, devices, appliances and solutions. I personally loved the Pano Logic device: I liked it for its simplicity; cool looks (they do matter), and the way it suddenly gives us a new way to look at the desktop market.
  • Foundations for the NGDC's were laid: We will be talking more and more about the Greener Grids and environmental responsibilities.
  • Winner take all: VMware, XenSource, Resellers etc and other folks are busy hiring talented staff. But i must warn you of one thing: make sure you hire talented staff with good package, as this market is hot, and it will be increasingly harder to keep folks. Also don't ignore the folks who want to mean something for you, get them in your shops and get to work! No time to waste, not anymore.
  • We crossed our 1000th post milestone!
  • We blogged 199 times in the month of august!!!! (more than what I blogged last year, I think)
  • We made more friends: Actually I call it friendships, I personally abhor the rather selfish connotation with the term networking, We made new friends at AMD, Marathon Technologies, InovaWave, OTRS, VMware and we made more friends across India, N. Zealand, Australia. Great month really!
What should have happened and didn't happen?

  • IBM's market move: They didn't really pay much attention to the x86 market, but I am still banking on that big move.
  • Microsoft's Viridian: still is pretty much in the stealth and I personally didn't notice Microsoft fighting for some publicity. No marketing and no cool stuff. Loads of videos and interviews, but no really meat.
  • Oracle accepting virtualization as a reality: Still refuses to acknowledge virtualization, though they are still working on the Xen model, don't know how all that will change since the XenSource folks have more a "windows development first" strategy now!
So we have had a really tiring, gosh I blogged and blogged, but a very exciting month behind our back. VMworld is coming up, unfortunately I will be missing it as I will be traveling, and a lot of things will happen in the coming months. That I can certainly promise you.

I personally thank all my readers and we'll surely have loads of fun. We'll watch markets like never before, so stay tuned :-)


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