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Top 5 reasons to choose for virtualization

Well you may have seen that I have given in total more than hundred reasons to go for virtualization. This news item talks about the top 5, check them out:

Here are my top 5 benefits you can realize from server virtualization:

  1. Capital Cost Avoidance. Every time you deploy a VM instead of acquiring a physical server, that action represents several thousand dollars of capital that the company didn't have to spend.
  2. Saving Time & Time = Money. Deployment of a VM using a pre-defined template can be accomplished in minutes, while traditional physical server acquisition/deployment takes days or even weeks.
  3. Environmental Cost Savings. Every physical server in the data center requires physical rack/floor space, power, network connectivity and cooling. Only the host requires these things and whether you're supporting 5 or 20 VMs on the host, the environmental needs do not change.
  4. Portability. Because the VMs utilize virtual hardware, there are no dependencies on the host physical hardware. As new server technology becomes available, you inherit viable servers from acquisition/merger activity or change hardware vendors, you can integrate these hosts into your environment and there is no change necessary for the VMs.
  5. Physical Server Migration/Consolidation. There are many products and methods available to migrate a physical server to a VM with little or no downtime and consolidate them onto a host or into a farm. Many legacy servers will probably function even better as VMs because the host is probably a newer, more powerful server.

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