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Blade Virtualization: Hmmm...So Blades want revenge, eh?

If I read this correctly then its building a Virtualization solution with this technology called Virtage(?) (PDF), it will be available this month.

According to Hitachi, it has rolled out the industry’s first enterprise-class blade server, which the company claims can support mission-critical, enterprise-level computing needs. The server can also lower ownership costs for users by increasing scalability and flexibility. The server is part of Hitachi’s BladeSymphony family and includes Virtage, an embedded virtualization feature that builds virtualization directly into the server’s hardware. This embedded virtualization software offers a different option than third-party virtual machine software.

read ahead...

And this report

IDC group VP Vernon Turner, the head of the researcher's Enterprise Computing practice, says BladeSymphony with Virtage is a "leap ahead in the virtualization game" and will fuel the proliferation of blades.

Oh no, we just shelved our blade project? But seriously, I think we need to make our choices clear. Software = Software. Sure Virtualization can have many faces. You need to make a corporate decision which will provide you a "Long Term Commitment". Or let me say this way, Microsoft wants to steal the Security space from Norton and McAfee, but it is these two firms (among others) who guard the security space, VMware is not just some Vendor trying to expand its portfolio and penetrate into other areas, its looking down at its core activity all the time, and that coincidentally happens to be Virtualization.

Having said that, I aminterested in the blade technology but I'd like to see it work first ;-) I mean Campbell's (Who is a recent hire @ Hitachi) claim that the firmware Virtage will hog a lot less resources than any other virtualization solution.

PS: Watch their webcast (It will be available till May 2007 here), I'm watching right now!

Update: I'm watching (and am halfway through) and a lot of talk (Intel and Hitachi are talking over their history, sleep inducing intel's development story and just this sheet shows something on Virtualization.

Get this PDF.


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